mizrahi ideas: for a change

The Project

  • Google RFP invited communities to bid to be among the first places to receive its new Google Fiber broadband internet network
  • Mizrahi, Inc. played a central role in the partnership responding to the RFP, which also included the City of Pittsburgh’s CIO and IT department, Carnegie Mellon University computer scientists, members of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development, and other stakeholders
  • In addition to formal proposal, campaign needed an innovative way to show Google the qualities that make Pittsburgh a great fit, including broad community participation and support


  • Diverse stakeholders, many of whom did not have previous connections and came from different backgrounds
  • Needed to not only inform city businesses, organizations and individuals stakeholders about this project, but also inspire them to participate
  • Campaign had to be developed from the ground up in a very short period of time


  • Analyze RFP, review similar campaigns and form consensus on overall approach, key messaging, primary tactics and efficient work processes
  • Create and launch “Ready, Willing & Able” campaign, integrating website, social media, print materials, events, PR and other tactics to get the word out and drive participation
  • Expand initial partnership by tapping Mizrahi’s vast business and personal network, securing professional services and materials and making it possible to get an extraordinary amount of work done in a very short time
  • Develop online presence and communications strategy revolving around the website
  • Incorporate Google brand and Google tools wherever possible, including less well-known tools like Google Voice and Google Buzz
  • Make the website easy for City staff and CMU Public Relations to quickly update, supporting viral marketing efforts


  • Inspired over 5,000 individual blog posts, 7,000 Facebook fans, and hundreds of Twitter followers in just over one week
  • Collected over 150 logos from organizations supporting the campaign, as well as hundreds of organizational blog posts representing thousands of employees in the region
  • Generated significant local and national press coverage, which increased community involvement
  • Created enthusiasm and positive feelings about the city that have rippled far beyond the campaign itself
  • Helped form new partnerships and connections between diverse audiences to improve future regional development opportunities
  • Drove positive publicity for the many businesses and organizations who got involved with the campaign

As the marketing communications leader in the Pittsburgh Google partnership, Mizrahi delivered many key elements of the campaign, including:

  • Communications Strategy - Spearheaded efforts to define the overall communications strategy and suggested specific tactics to achieve objectives; leveraged Mizrahi’s strong partnering skills and connections to quickly unify key stakeholders and streamline communications processes.
  • Brand Development - Developed a brand identity to communicate the many positive and unique characteristics of Pittsburgh, including the iconic image of a chair such as those Pittsburghers use to reserve parking spaces and the tagline “reserved for Google”.
  • Website and e-Communications - Developed the internet presence, supported by a range of interactive media tactics, including social media tools like Facebook and Twitter, Google tools, and innovative third-party tools like Wordle.
  • Consulting - Expert support provided to the partnership in all phases of the campaign, from initial evaluation of RFP and strategy development to evaluation of available resources and vendors, and execution or specific tactics.