mizrahi ideas: for a change

The Project

  • The Allegheny County Parks Foundation (ACPF) was established in 2007 to support the improvement, preservation, maintenance, and restoration of nine county parks
  • ACPF's work includes assembling resources, improving assets, and mobilizing public and private stakeholders to advance ideas, strategies, and specific park campaigns. ACPF also supports educational, recreational, and cultural activities
  • Realizing its mission required a stronger brand identity and higher-quality communication materials, ACPF hired Mizrahi for end-to-end brand strategy and implementation


  • CPF had done little branding, so it was necessary to create a new message that still aligned with the organization's established operations and values
  • Mizrahi had to build consensus among ACPF's large board of directors, including its high-profile leaders with diverse points of view and backgrounds (private sector, government, community, philanthropy)
  • Brand and communication materials had to effectively appeal to a wide range of audiences and interests
  • Brand platform had to support large-scale, long-term fundraising: a Comprehensive Master Plan estimated the total cost of capital improvements for the nine parks to be $80 million


  • Collaborate closely with the executive director and board through all phases of the engagement to assure mutual understanding
  • Use a methodical strategy and development process to confirm satisfaction and consensus on brand fundamentals (brand positioning statement, logo and color palette, key messaging, etc.) before moving on to more complex tactical decisions and the design of website and materials
  • Develop and implement warm, positive brand identity that conveys ACPF's role in enhancing quality of life for county residents, promoting healthy lifestyles, improving the environment, and stimulating economic growth and vibrancy for the region
  • Deliver comprehensive "communications toolbox" that gives ACPF staff both the high-quality core materials and the customizable templates needed to effectively raise awareness, fundraise, and form meaningful brand relationships with a wide range of audiences


  • Strong brand and marketing communications infrastructure in place to support development efforts for years to come
  • Establishment of Mizrahi as a trusted, knowledgeable partner who can be brought in for ongoing consulting and project support as needed
  • Better quality and consistency in ACPF communications; easy-to-use templates and professionally produced materials also free up more time for staff to focus on their areas of expertise
  • New website (including online donation functionality) with content management system, along with social media presence, allow ACPF to be self-sufficient in managing online presence

Mizrahi’s successful brand strategy and development for ACPF included:

  • Visual Brand — Logo, overall "look and feel," color palette, typography
  • Key Messaging — Brand positioning statements and messaging
  • Website — All aspects of developing organization web site, including site map and interface, content planning, design, copywriting, SEO, programming and testing