mizrahi ideas: for a change

The Project

  • The Centennial Fund for a Jewish Future (CFJF), an endowment within the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, provides access to Jewish educational programs; ensures Jews have the opportunity to attend Jewish camps and travel to Israel; supports recruitment, retention, and training of top-notch Jewish educators; and promotes respect and love for Jewish traditions for future generations
  • After a kickoff capital campaign with top Jewish leaders, CFJF turned to Mizrahi for the marketing communications strategy, creative concepts, and implementation needed to expand outreach and fundraising throughout the community


  • Research shows an alarming decline in Jews who feel a strong sense of Jewish identity and an appreciation for their heritage; this is not an easy trend to talk about, much less reverse
  • The campaign had to build on name recognition and the influence of the founders, educate a broad audience on the need for the endowment, and inspire identification and active support
  • The complex campaign also required expertise and coordination of marketing strategy, creative, web, video, PR, diverse print and digital collateral, social media, consulting, and collaboration with top leaders
  • The CFJF had an ambitious goal to raise $25 million during the campaign and eventually grow endowment to $50 million or more


  • Develop comprehensive marketing communications plan to define strategy, messaging, and tactics necessary to achieve campaign goals
  • Create extensive "communications toolbox" of integrated materials and activities to maintain consistency in the campaign and effectiveness across all channels used for fundraising, community awareness, and donor recognition
  • Coordinate experts in PR, scriptwriting and video production, and digital signage to ensure efficiency and keep all efforts strategically aligned
  • Present creative strategy and concepts to Campaign Committee. A key insight about the Jewish use of humor to deal with difficult issues led to broad consensus on central theme and approach: "This is no laughing matter"
  • Work with Rabbi Joseph Tulushkin (author of Jewish Humor: What the Best Jewish Jokes Say About the Jews) and well-known local Jewish leaders to create centerpiece video that leveraged Jewish humor to explain the "why" of the campaign and inspire engagement


  • Two successful events kicked off new phase of campaign
  • Strong, memorable brand campaign complements and harmonizes with existing Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh brands
  • Raised more than $19.5 million to date
  • Juxtaposing Jewish humor with hard-hitting statistics and trends has proven extremely effective in creating an emotional connection, making audiences more receptive to hearing about — and taking action on — difficult issues facing the Jewish community
  • Placing messaging across multiple mediums has maximized reach
  • Strong brand and marketing communications infrastructure in place to support development efforts for years to come

Mizrahi’s successful marketing communications work for CFJF included:

  • Marketing Communications Plan — Identification of target audiences and how to reach them, detailed budget and schedule, campaign positioning strategies, takeaway messages
  • Creative Concepts — All aspects of creative development for the campaign, from central theme and approach to visual brand identity and key messaging
  • Campaign Video — Initial concept and scriptwriting through to art direction of production of modular 15-minute video that kicked off the campaign and has been used in parts and as a whole in multiple settings
  • Website — End-to-end development of robust yet easy-to-navigate website that serves as campaign's central information resource and repository for all digital collateral, including video
  • Print and Digital Collateral — Extensive suite of materials, including pocket folder, multiple brochures, event invitations, direct mail, advertising, email blasts, and more
  • Public Relations, Media Placement, and Outreach — Wide range of traditional PR and media placement, as well as partner promotion strategy and event talking points for campaign leaders and celebrity speakers
  • Social Media — Strategic and content support for efforts on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube