mizrahi ideas: for a change

Comprehensive Rebrand and Implementation

  • A leading North American manufacturer of high-quality patient handling solutions that also offered distinctive training and support
  • Far-reaching plans to capitalize on growth opportunities driven by both shifts in regulations and by concerns and costs related to the safety of patients and caregivers
  • Recognizing that brand underperformance was an obstacle to growth goals, the company's leadership and investment team contracted Mizrahi to assist with all aspects of developing and implementing a new brand


  • The company needed a brand infrastructure for a diverse product suite so it could reposition itself as a global player, and all material also needed to connect two different audiences — CFOs and management level, as well as CNOs, nurses, etc.
  • The company also faced logistical and other factors regarding legacy materials, some that had been updated recently
  • The company had no prior experience with a comprehensive brand development initiative, or working with a full-service firm like Mizrahi


  • Stress clear communication, good listening, and consensus-building at every stage of exploration and development
  • Build brand excellence from the ground up — from core values, company name and key messaging, and fundamental visual elements through to the creation of new materials
  • Shift from the industry-standard sterile design and technical information to a modern aesthetic and more personal tone as potent differentiators
  • Develop thorough messaging platform and visual branding guidelines to assure future consistency and quality


  • Successful transition from name/logo/tagline that failed to differentiate to a dynamic new brand centered on the memorable name Tollos; the word comes from a Latin word meaning "elevate," conveying the company's ability to help customers elevate patient care quality, safety, and fiscal performance
  • Delivery of critical brand materials needed to reposition the company and to better align brand strategy with sales and marketing efforts
  • During rebrand, Mizrahi was also able to effectively complete several special, time-sensitive projects, including messaging and materials to support an important sales initiative related to regulatory developments in a key market

Mizrahi’s comprehensive rebranding and implementation for Tollos included:

  • Discovery Research — audit of existing materials, analysis of competitor websites, brand communications, and logos/names
  • Aspirational Brand Snapshot — core values and brand personality
  • Name, Brand Positioning Statement, and Core Messaging — new name and messaging platform, including tagline and copy for both audiences
  • Visual Brand — logo, color palette, photographic style (including photo shoots to build library of high-quality product shots)
  • Identity Package — rebranded business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and related materials
  • Corporate Capabilities Brochure — all design and message development for centerpiece intended not only for customers and prospects, but to help unite internal audiences and set the tone for future collateral
  • Website "New Skin" — because Tollos' did not want to create a new website, Mizrahi designed "style templates" for key pages so Tollos internal staff can cost-effectively update the site